About Material

What is the difference between quarter-sawn and plain-sawn oak, and why does it matter anyway?
What kinds of tiles are available, and what type should be avoided?
What is the most comfortable way to heat my house?
How can I make my woodwork look old or how can I match the finish on my existing woodwork?
What is the most efficient (or best) way to insulate my house?
How do you support a 300-pound sink to make it look like it’s floating in air?
What are the maintenance issue with this product?

This is a minuscule sample of questions we’ve heard while working on projects, and initially we thoughts we could make a section of our website that could address most material related questions and provide important information as service to our customers. However, the palette of materials available to each house is so diverse and often unique that it would take too much time to cover to all possible questions. Plus, we really like discussing options with our customers and sharing the knowledge we’ve gained from years of work on older homes (as well as tearing out / remodeling some newer space, too).

In the event that we don’t have an immediate answer to your question about a particular material, we will research it for you. New material are constantly being developed, and we welcome the opportunity to learn about them. At City Side Remodeling we bring our collective knowledge to each project we work on, and we usually share interesting details, solutions and challenges at our weekly staff lunch. If your project involve have a complex situations, it’s possible that our entire team will have discussed it to come up with a great solution.

Whether you are in design stage or near the end of your project, we want you to rest assured you’ve made wise decisions that will ensure your house will shine through the next 100 years.