Decision Sequence

All remodeling projects involve a tremendous number of decision ranging from technical to aesthetic. As you have probably noticed, the shear quantity of options available in today ‘s world present both a blessing and a curse. It’s great to have so many choices, but the myriad possible combinations can be daunting. Although we can’t tell you which of the millions of available paint colors or faucet types will work best for you, we can help focus your energies on the most important decisions to make at the right time, and even recommend a designer to help make choices efficiently and at the best available price. We will also give you important technical information and share our experiences with you to help you better weigh the pros and cons of many of your options.

To help your project proceed smoothly, certain decisions need to be made in a special order because they impact your project’s schedule. This section lists the most important decisions for you to make in chronological order so that you can help keep the project going smoothly without getting distracted by decisions that will get made later in the sequence.

At your project’s onset we can give you a list of choices and purveyors to help you make decisions. You can use this list as a guide as you research your options and make choices.