Here are some of the questions we hear most often and their answers:

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed to do both residential construction and commercial tenant finish in Denver county .Because we try to confine our work to Denver, especially central Denver,we don’t maintain Licenses in other counties.our liability policy is for $2 million,and we require that all our subcontractors have workers compensation insurance.

Is there someone from city side remodeling on the job site every day what are your hours?

For the majority of every job there is a city side remodeling employee(usually the lead carpenter and/or a principal) on the job site all day. sometimes these people need to leave to get materials or attend a meeting,but the absences are usually brief .Our hours vary according to the project, whether or not the building is occupied,the crew,and current activity.Most activity occurs betwwen 9am and 6pm with some work happening outside of these ,especially in the summer when there is more daylight.We occasionally work on weekends,and we can work with you and your neighbors to develop a schedule that meets your needs and without slowing the project.

Do you stick to your price?
yes we stick to the contract price for all work covered in the contarct.Remodeling has some inherent unknowns,so we advise homeowners to budget up to 10% in addition to the contract price to cover problems(usually structural,electrical,or plumbing related ) that may get uncovered during the remodeling process and to cover any upgrades or changes you might decide to make.

How do I get on your schedule and how long will my project take?
If you choose to have us work on you project ,you can reserve your place on our work schedule by signing a contract with us and making an earnest payment of 3% of the contarct price ,or in the case of smaller jobs, a minimum payment of $1500.when we bid your job ,we will give you an accurate estimate of the amount of time it will take.