In the mid 1980’s recent college graduates Galen Hofer and Gaspar Terrana came to Denver,CO as volunteers for habitat for humanity.Galen Organized volunteer constructions crews with the hands-on,can-do attitude that he developed living on a farm in South Dakota,while Gaspar,having owned and operated a landscaping Business in new jersey,brought a strong work ethic and keen business sense to the habitat for humanity Office.

In 1988 Galen earned his Contractor’s license,and after several years of building new houses and repairing old ones for habitat for humanity,he and Gaspar joined a local remodeling company as project managers.In their spare time they maintained and improved several rental units in the downtown Denver area for Local landlord and built their own rental house for retirement income.

when the company they worked for offered them the opportunity to buy it,Galen and Gaspar decided to go on their own instead and Formed City Side Remodeling in 1999. Because they live in and among Denver’s older homes and have experience on working on them,Galen and Gaspar decided that City Side Remodeling should specialize in the Denver metro area and its older housing stock.

Over the Years City Side Remodeling has added new staff,managed extensive remodels,and even built a few new homes while maintaining its commitment to taking care of Denver’s architectural legacy.Galen and Gaspar continue to get their hands dirty working with their carpenters on every project the company begins.