Gaspar Terrana is a founder/owner of City Side Remodeling. He grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey, where he started his own landscaping business while in high school, and to this day he has some of his original equipment. Until recently, he drove the same red truck that he bought when he was 18, making it a company icon of sorts. Other than briefly working for a roofing company in New Jersey, he has been self-employed all his life.

Gaspar graduated from William Patterson College with a B.A. in political science and a women’s studies minor.
In 1992, Gaspar came to Colorado as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity where he met Galen and later formed City Side Remodeling with him. Gaspar’s favorite aspects of remodeling include making structural repairs and reusing old parts of houses, either by refurbishing them or coming up with new uses for old parts. He is also the company’s strongest advocate for recycling whenever possible.

Gaspar’s hobbies include cycling, plumbing and performing odd physical feats with his body. He likes to teach these feats to friends, coworkers and clients. Gaspar is a hobby arborist and loves to prune his friend’s trees as well as those on job sites. Gaspar has climbed mountains and trekked in Peru and Bolivia, traveled in Mexico, Italy, Scotland and Hawaii.

Gaspar’s cultural recommendations: drinking scotch and espresso (not together, reading the New York Times and watching Seinfield reruns